Please be patient while I build this page. If  you have any questions re insignia for this page don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail. It is best to use either Tibor Szecsko’s reference “Le Grand Livre des Insignes de la Legion Etrangere,” or Philippe Bartlett’s “Badges of the French Foreign Legion 1923-1989.”

SZ 351: Section e Bateaux Pliants de la 40 CCB (type II) by Drago with inscription on back. $100
SZ 336: 16th Compagnie d'Entretien du Genie (typeII). Drago Paris. Pin fixed. $100
SZ 333: 38th Compagnie de Camions-Bennes (type I). Drago, depose. $60
SZ 337: 26th Bataillon du Genie by Drago. G 979. $55
SZ 338: 15th Compagnie d'Entreitien du Genie by Drago with inscription. $85
SZ 341/A: 21st Compagnie du 61st Bataillon du Genie (type I), by Drago. $55
SZ 341/B: 21st Compagnie du 61st Bataillon du Genie (type II), by Arthus Betrand, H413. $100
SZ 342: 21 Compagnie d 71st Bataillon du Genie (type I) by Drago. $100
SZ 344/A: 4th Compagnie de Bateaux Blindes du 71st Bataillon du Genie, by Drago. $100
SZ 346: 21st Compagnie du 73rd Baaillon du Genie, by Drago. $100
SZ 347: 2nd Compagnie du 74th Bataillon du Genie, by Drago. $25 SOLD
SZ 352: 39th Compagnie d'Engins Fluviaux du Genie, by Drago. G918. $55
SZ 331: There are 3 variations of this badge including 2 Artisanale. REFERENCE ONLY
2nd Regiment Etranger du Genie by Arthus Betrand, G 4614. $20