Kepis and other headgear

A battered veteran!

This Model 1878 sun hat screams colonial character whether the beating sun of the Sahara or IndoChina.

In fragile, relic condition it evokes the era of French colonialism.

While this model was worn by the Legion the bomb insignia appears to be that of the French gendarmerie.

A neat addition to any collector of French headgear despite its condition. $75

Distinctive and classic NCO kepi of the inter-war period.

This kepi definately saw service, undoubtedly to a veteran legionairre. As the grenade to front is 30 mm this indicates post-1932.
Admittedly a bit battered but full of character that displays well and would be a great addition to any Legion collection.
Chinstrap to right-side button is broken at end but does not detract from display.

Foreign Legion beret insignia All insignia on this page are $15 each unless otherwise marked Locally made Tchad beret insignia added at bottom of page 26 Feb. 2020

What’s Top row: First insignia by Courtois; others by Drago: 1 REI (SOLD), 4 REI, 5 REI (SOLD) and 13 DBLE (SOLD).

Middle row all by J. Balme: unassigned legionnaire, 1 REC, 6 REG (SOLD)

Bottom row left by Drago, attachment adapted to 2 screw backs (SOLD); right by J. Balme

Top left by Coinderoux Paris. Infantry. (SOLD)

Top right by Beraudy for Infantry

Bottom left by Drago rue de Romainville Paris G1772 Insignes Militaires. $25. Silver color for cavalry.

Bottom right by Coinderoux Paris. Silver color for cavalry. SOLD

SZ 391B: 2 REI beret insignia, locally made in Tchad, 1979-1980. Beautiful heavy insignia, rare. $120

Another locally made beret badge from Tchad. Lovelly distinctive Legion beret badge. As with the 2 REI badge material is silver colored. $80 SOLD