Unites de Cavalerie de la Legion Etrangere

Please note many Legion cavalry units have done foreign deployments and a number of badges are listed on the various foreign operations pages such as Lebanon, Daguet, etc.

SZ 246/D: Primary unit badge for the REC by Drago. $20
SZ 246: As above, but unmarked. $20

SZ 286: Commando Gruebler du 5th Escadron du 1 REC, by Drago, G927. $250
NON-SZECSKO: Mixed unit of 2nd Escadron/1 REC with 3 REI, by J. Balme. Number 230 of 300 issued. $70.

SZ 281: 1st Escadron du 1 Grooupe d’Escadrons Amphibie by Drago, Paris. Full address to rear. This unit was among the famous “crabes” in Indochina. $125

SZ 293/A: 2nd Regiment Etranger de Cavalerie by Arthus Bertrand, Paris.  $75

2 Regiment Etranger de Parachutistes Please contact me for para badges which may not be listed

SZ 302: 4th Company 2 REP by Drago. Numbered 547 on rear. $60 SOLD

SZ 295: Unit badge for the 2 REP. This is a nicely worn example, undoubtedly issued and worn on the uniform, by Drago. $20 SOLD

SZ 295: As above, but by J. Balme, in unissued condition. $20 SOLD

SZ 296: 1st Company, 2 REP by Drago. Numbered 93 on back. $90 SOLD

SZ 303: Brevet de Destructeur de la 4th Compagnie du 2 REP by Drago. $50 SOLD

SZ 297: 2nd Company 2 REP by J. Balme. $50 SOLD

SZ 305: Compagnie de Commandement et des Services du 2 REP, by J. Balme. $55 SOLD

SZ 300:3rd Company 2 REP (type I) by L.R. Paris. On the back is inscribed “Mars – Juillet 1976” and numbered 396 indicating deployment dates for the unit to the Territoire francais des  Afars et des Issas (TFAI) which today is Djibouti. $185 SOLD

SZ 299: 3rd Company 2 REP (type II) by J. Balme. $50 SOLD

SZ 299: As above, but by L.R., $50

CEA, 2 REP by J. Balme. $40 SOLD


Insignia specific to the deep Sahara units

(Note: Images not to scale)

SZ 326: Groupement porte de Legion Etrangere du Maroc. $85

SZ 322: 2nd Company Saharienne porteede Legion. $125

SZ 324: 4th Company Saharienne portee de Legion. $85. SOLD

SZ 329: 23rd Compagny portee de la Legion Etrangere. $125.

SZ 325: Groupement des Compagnies portees de Legion Etrangere du Maroc. $125

Unites de Legion Etrangere du Materiel/Train en Extreme-Orient

Below are insignia from Legion units that served in Vietnam/Indochina

(description below image)

Unites du Materiel en Extreme-Orient

Unites du Train en Extreme-Orient

SZ 354: 1st Bataillon d’Ouvriers du Service du Material. Created in1948 with homologation H618 by Drago. $60 SOLD

SZ 369: Cie. de Transport de Legion Etrangere no. 2/519. The unit was created in 1949 (insignia in 1950), based in Hanoi, and was dissolved in 1953. Marked on back depose, with homologation H771, Drago, 43, rue Olivier Metra. $120

SZ 355: 1st Bataillon de Reparation du Materiel by Drago, Paris, depose,  with the same homologation of H 618 as SZ 354. $50 SOLD

SZ 371: 1st Cie. de Transport et de Quartier General. Created in 1951 (insignia in 1952) the unit was based in Hanoi and was dissolved in 1954. Nicely marked on back with homologation G939 and Drago, 43 R. Olivier Metra. $100

SZ 357: 723 Cie. de Reparation Automobile de la Legion Etrangere (type II) by Drago. Beautiful badge that incorporates the earlier 723 insignia surrounded by a dragon. $145

SZ 372/A: 2 Cie. de Transport et de Quartier General. Created in 1951 the unit was dissolved in 1954. $70. By Drago, 42, R. Olivier Metra. $70

SZ 361: 2nd Cie. de Reparation de la Legion Etrangere. Created in 1945 the unit transferred to North Africa and was dissolved in 1955. I have two (2): One marked depose, Drago, Paris, 25 rue Beranger $50. Second badge cleanly marked but pin replaced and held in place with a blob of solder. $40. Both badges show similar wear.

SZ 372/B: 2 cie. Compagnie de Transport et de Quartier General. Same design as above, but the pagoda and Legion insignia are raised. $70

SZ 365: 4th Cie. Moyenne de Reparation de la Legion Etrangere. Created in 1951 the unit was in Hanoi. It evacuated Indochina and was dissolved in 1955. On back marked depose, Drago, 43 rue Olivier Metra. $65

SZ 362: 3rd Cie de Reparation de la Legion Etrangere. Formed in August 1949 the unit eveloved into the 3rd Cie Moyenne de Reparation de Legion Etrangere in 1951. It was dissolved in 1955. Drago, 43 rue Oliver Metra, depose, H562. $65