A neat small poster, 23 by 15 inches that would make a nice addition to any WWII collection.  A bit battered with creasing/tears along creasing that still would mount nicely in a frame.  Strong image of a U.S. Marine manning a machine gun. This small poster appears to depict what a larger road-side poster would look like. $40


Selection of WWI postcards, including 2 studio portrait cards that were popular with soldiers to send home, 3 postcards of Allied troops including Australians, Canadiens and Highlanders, and 7 cards from the popular Daily Mail series.

Australian troops photographed in July 1916 after taking Pozieres. $5
Canadian lance corporal receiving the DCM in the field. No date. $5
"Highlanders pipe themselves back from the trenches," no date. $5
"A British sentry in Flanders," $5
"British infantry practising an attack," $5
"Bringing in wounded -- an early morning scene," $5
"Tommy at home in German dug-outs," $5
"Wounded 'Tommy' to the photographer: 'I'm not a German.'" $5
"The hero: saving a wounded comrade under fire," $5
"Crawling to the German trenches under fire," $5

Arab headscarves.

The classic red/white Arab headscarf or keffiyeh. Group consists of 3 scarves, one still in the packaging, and the black cord to secure it on the head. I got these scarves in Saudi Arabia as a correspondent during he first Gulf War in 1991.

$35 for the group.

WWI postcards depicting French troops

Neat addition to any French-themed or WWI collection. $8 each or all 3 for $20

Postcard in French, "Nos Goumiers Sont Prets" dated 1914
Note in English on back of "Goumiers" French postcard. No postage so likely included in a letter home.
Postcard of "French Infantry In Reserve at Verdun." Nice pic of horizon blue overcoats, kepis and field gear.
Postcard of "French Infantry Advancing at Verdun."


Living in southern Africa for a number of years I collected numerous carvings, etc. These are all items I picked up from local artists and are terrific examples that would make great display items in your home.


A lovely carving in soapstone of Zimbabwe’s national emblem. The design is based on those found in the ruins of the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe. The bird is 6 inches tall.

The Zimbabwe bird is ubiquitous throughout the country, found on the national flag and money.



Beautiful sculpture that stands 9 inches tall from South Africa. Not sure of the wood.
Below is a profile of the carving.



A very nice example of Zulu craftsmanship from South Africa with terrific attention to detail which stands 15 inches tall.



A beautiful example of an intricately carved walking stick. I picked this up in South Africa but not sure tribe it may have come from. For decorative/display only as it has a crack in thhe handle so not suitable a a functional walking stick. An impressive 35 inches tall. $75

Note: postage will be at cost as it will take special packing.

A great carved companion piece to the carved woman’s head in the first column. Also 9 inches tall but in a black wood. A bit more stylized in its presention and a lovely piece.
Below is a profile of the carving.


Beautifully carved example of one of Africa’s most-endangered animals. Lovely detail in this carving which is 4 inches tall and 6 inches tail to horn.



Another great example of Zimbabwe soapstone carving with attention to detail. This man’s head stands 6 inches tall and is truly an extremely realistic carving that would look terrific in any houshold.
This would pair nicely with the carved Zimbabwe bird at the top of the page.


Beautiful sculpture that stands 9 inches tall from South Africa. Not sure of the wood.
Below is a profile of the carving.


A pair of carved stone animals that would fit nicely on a knick-knack shelf. The lion (on right) is about 3 inches long and the rhino a bit smaller. Both stand about 1.5 inches tall. From South Africa.

Sold as a pair. $20


A really great example of Zulu craftsman that would make a great centerpiece as it stands an impressive 34 inches tall. $125

Note re postage. Packing/postage will be charged at cost as tgehis is such a large item and will require special attention.


As most collectors I have picked up a number of items in various areas over the years. Find below a selection of Germany military cutlery from World War II.


Three (3) pieces available: one knife and two forks. All marked withe the large Kriegsmarine M under eagle/swastika.

$40 each


The army’s standard set for soldiers in the field with all the pieces nestling together for a compact set. Consists of knife, spoon, for and can opener. All pieces except the knife marked with Army eagle and swastika. Exc. condition $125

Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) cutlery. Each piece has the DAF wheel logo design and MDA Sch-d-A for Modell des Amtes Schoenheit der Arbeit for Official Pattern Beauty of Design. Each piece $65


Ladle: Aluminum material with a 39 date code and marked FL.U.V for Flieger Unterkunft Verwaltung (flight barracks administration). Luftwaffe eagle/swastika to front. Nice, clean example $100.
Fork: Also an aluminum piece with a date code of 40 and with the Luftwaffe eagle/swastika over FL.U.V marking. $40
Knife: a heavier piece marked “Rostfrei” and “Solingen” on the blade which shows evidence of period sharpening. Handle has standard Luftwaffe eagle/swastika emblem over FL.U.V.

WWII German “pocket litter.”

Selection of items a German soldier may have had in his pocket, pack or breadbag. Includes black wound badge, 1945 dated small bandage, various ribbons and change including 4 German coins and 3 U.S. WWII-dated pennies. $65


Below you will find items from the period when Rhodesia fought guerrillas seeking to overthrow the government. 

Prices are yet to be determined.

Please contact me with questions about any of the above items as I list/price.

One of the best known leaflets (8 by 12 inches issued 3 Feb. 1975) of the Rhodesian bush war offering significant money to turn in a terrorist or weapon.
Below: back side of the leaflet in local language, I believe Ndebele. $85.
An extremely rare leaflet of the war issued at a critical time. Passed out in the rural areas many of the leaflets in fact were

Poster for the police auxiliary unit Pfumo re Vanhu (Spear of the People) poster. The slogan reads we are bringing peace to the people of Zimbabwe. Rare wartime 23 by 33 inch poster of a predomintly black unit that fought on the government side. $100

Pfumo re Vanhu rank poster. Again, a battered poster from the bush war. Most of these would have been in rural areas, likely outdoors, and had a hard life. On newspaper quality paper, measures 24 by 17 inches. $75

Another rare leaflet from the bush war encouraging local Africans to turn in weapons or give information on guerrillas.

Leaflet shows an AK, SKS, machine gun, mortar, land mine, RPG and a variety of grenades. $85

Leaflet’s flip side in local language. A noted with the “REWARD” leaflet rural Africans tended to use these as toilet paper!

Campaign poster for Bishop Abel Muzorewa who became the interim leader during the short-lived Zimbabwe Rhodesia era, June-December 1979. Admittedly battered the poster 24 by 17 inches nevertheless epitomises the period of change from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. $75.

Full copy of the Aug. 12, 1979 issue of The Sunday Mail newspaper from Salisbury. This will give you a real slice of life view into life in Rhodesia at the time. Paper is full of ads, job openings, the latest movies, even vacation deals! A great look into history. $60

Defence Manpower card. Official government postcard to notify the of a change of address. Neat little momento. $15 (I have two; both for $20).