Each poster is 19.5 inches across and 25.5 inches high. They both show some edge wear and evidence of creasing from having been rolled up for years, if not decades! A nice size to frame to highlight any Legion collection.

Each poster $75

Bottom photo shows imprint on bottom right of poster front showing it was produced by the Legion’s presses for its magazine “Kepi Blanc” at the HQ in Aubagne in southern France.

As with the other poster the imprint on the poster for its production by the Legion.

Legion Books

On this page you will find books ranging from gung-ho titles like 1928’s “The Legion of the Damned” to Douglas Porch’s 1991 comprehensive “The French Foreign Legion: a Complete History.”

Book Sale

Most books, except those noted, are on sale with a 25 % discount.

Beef up your reading with Legion history!!

“La Legion en Indochine 1885-1955” (album troupes de choc) by Alain Gandy, 1988. Great 192 page hardcover book that has black-and-white photos on virtually every page. Most images are of legionnaires in the field and combat right up to the end and withdrawal in May 1955. Great shots of uniforms and equipment in use. Text is in French, but a terrific reference for any student/collector of the Legion or Indochina (Vietnam) wars. Exc. condition. $55 NOT ON SALE

“The Legion of the Damned” by Bennett J. Doty. Well used first edition, 1928, of the author’s experiences in Legion fighting in Syria, desertion, capture and eventual pardon. Black and white photo of author, 298 pages. $20

“Letters and Diary,” Alan Seeger. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1917 first edition, VG+. Important work by American poet who served in the Legion and was killed in the Battle of the Somme in 1916. $25

“The French Foreign Legion,” by James Wellard. Good basic 142-page illustrated Legion history book published in 1974. VG+, clean edition with dust jacket. $10

“Street Without Joy.” The military classic by Bernard B. Fall, fourth edition, 1964. No study of the Legion and Vietnam war is complete without this title. Used, but Good+408 pages. $10

“Life in the French Foreign Legion,” by Ean McGorman. A 216-page paperback that gives would-be legionnaires (and interested students) an idea of what they are in for. Very useful sections include Legion songs and 10-page glossary of Legion terms/slang. Published iin 2000, exc. condtion. $10

“The Legion Marches: The Woes and Wrongs of the Foreign Legion” by Fritz Klose,. No date, but published in the mid-30s. The opening chapter “Human Flotsam and Jetsam in the Legion” gives and idea of the writing. Fair condition with two dozen black-and-white photos. $25

“Tomorrow to be Brave: a Memoir of the onlywoman ever to serve in the French Foreign Legion,” by Susan Travers, 2000. Fascinating history of Travers, an Englishwoman born in 1909 who joined the French Red Cross in WWII serving in Finland, Syria, Lebanon and North Africa. She also was in Vietnam, married a Legion adjutant-chef and was officially recognized as a Legion NCO herself. Travers died in 2003. Exc. condition with dust jacket. $10

“French Foreign Legion Paratroopers,” by Martin Windrow and Wayne Braby. No. 6 in the Osprey Elite Series, paperback, 64 pages with 12 color plates. Published 1985 but remains a nice reference particularly for uniform details. $10 NOT ON SALE

“French Foreign Legion Uniforms 1831-1978″ by noted Legion collector Austin Kelly. This limited-edition publication is a collection of color plates by Adjutant Rudolph Burda with explanatory pages.

There are 22 plates by Burda each suitable for framing that would make a great centerpiece to a Legion collection.

I believe these prints were limited to 100-200 sets. My copy (which I received from Austin) is number 11. No publication date but the artwork is date 1977 and cover dated 1978.

Exc. condition, $125 NOT ON SALE

“The French Foreign Legion: a Complete History,” by noted historian Douglas Porch. Comprehensive classic history of the Legion by noted historian Douglas Porch, 1991. VG+ condition with dust jacket, 32 pages of black and white photos. $20.

“The Making of a Legionnaire,” by Peter Macdonald. 1991. Beautiful 191 pages full of color and black-and-white photographs covering the Legion’s covering training through operations. Exc., near new, condition hard cover book with dust jacket. $15

“The French Foreign Legion” by John Robert Young. Exc. condition 212-page book with dust jacket of the Legion’s history and traditions. Published in 1984. More than 200 photos, mostly in color. Great addition to any Legion library. $15

“Legionnaire 31022” by Tom Cushny, 1967. Tale of young Englishman who joined the Legion for adventure, deserted and eventually went on to serve in the British army in World War II, rising to the rank of major. VG+/Exc. condition with dust jacket. $25

“Tiger of the Legion” by Tiger O’Reilly. Another 1930’s gung-ho type of title of adventure. Worn condition but a fairly rare title. $25

“Insignes de l’Armee Francaise: Les Sahariens” by Jean-Francois Boucher. First edition 1982. Tight, clean, crisp hard cover copy in excellent condition of perhaps the best reference for Saharienne insignia; 92 pages of which 42 are full-color plates covering all units such as air, artillery, marine, etc. Of note are the 3 plates of Legion badges. No. 1321 of 2000. Issued without dust jacket. $175. NOT ON SALE.


“French Foreign Legion 1914-1945” by Martin Windrow and Mike Chappell, No. 325 in the series. Exc. condition, standard 64-page format with b/w photos and color prints. $10 NOT ON SALE

“French Foreign Legion Since 1945,” by Windrow and Chappell., No. 300. As above in format $10 NOT ON SALE