On this page you will find some of the best and most-historic Foreign Legion badges available today.

1st Foreign Legion heavy mortar parachute company
1 Compagnie Etrangere Para de Mortiers Lourds


The Legion’s heavy mortar company had a short history (September 1953 — May 1954) and fought at the pivotal battle of Dien Bien Phu. The unit was destroyed in the fighting that led to France’s withdrawal from IndoChina.

An historic badge for collectors of Legion para insignia, IndoChina badges or Dien Bien Phu combatants



Compagnie Etrangere de Ravitaillement par Avion

The Foreign Airdrop Company (CERA) was a short-lived unit comprised largely of legionnaires establshed in northern Vietnam in 1951. Its job was to airdrop supplies to military units and was disbanded within a year.

An extremely rare and historic insignia of a pivotal period in Legion history.


Compagnie Etrangere de Ravitaillement par Avion


Caporal Chef shirt/blouse for a veteran legionnaire of the 5 REI who previously served with the 13 DBLE

This shirt came from a French collector many years ago who felt it was Saharienne and dated it to 1955, but I feel it also could be late Indochina period. Both units served in Indochina and Algeria.

The back of the blouse is split like a jacket, indicating probably worn over shorts or trousers. Not exactly sure if it is French made as the collar has hand-sewn hook-and-eye closure. At the time the Legion was using a mix of French, American and British uniform items so this would not be unusual. The heavy khaki blouse is in exc. condition and likely was only worn in garrison.

Buttons are removable.

The epaulettes are for the 5 REI and on the left shoulder epaulette is a miniature 13 DBLE badge indicating prior service with that unit. On the right epaulette is the specialist insignia for a “telegraphiste.” The left sleeve caporal chef rank insignia has two re-enlistment chevrons indicting 10 years plus service in the Legion.

The ribbons, which are pinned on, are for the Medaille Militaire, Croix de Guerre (WWII) and Croix de Guerre Exterieurs. The ribbons were attached when I received the blouse but may not be original to the blouse.

A great item of a classic period of Legion history. $325