The Legion deployed to Chad (Tchad in French) for an extended period beginning in 1986. Operation Epervier (Sparrowhawk) ran unitl 2014. The badges here are from 3rd escadron of the 1 REC (cavalry) unit. Each badge is made by Arthus Betrand and is numbered.

This badge came out after the Szecsko reference book I use. 3rd Escadron du 1 REC. The rear is marked ABECHE and Arthus Bertrand Paris. It is number 177. $150

SZ 274:  3rd Escadron du 1 REC (type III). Another beautiful badge that evokes the desert. 250 examples made with the inscription “CAMERON 84” on the back. This is number 207. $110

SZ 272: 3rd Escadron du 1 REC (type IV). Only 200 examples made the inscriptioon “CAMERONE 87.” This badge is number 98. $110

Always ready to go anywhere, the Legion in the 1990s was part of a United Nations peacekeeping force in Cambodia



1 REC, CCAS Cambodia, 1st model made in silver by AIXIA. Beautiful detailed badge marked “AIXIA 92” on the back and number 325. $150 SOLD

2 REI, 4th Company. Lovely detailed badge but not maker marked. On reverse, however, is marked “CAMBODGE CAMERONE 1993” and is number 10. $90 SOLD

Another beautifully detailed 1 REC, 3 Escadron from Cambodia. Again made in silver by AIXIA. Marked on back “Ltn BECHON” and “CAMERONE 93” and numbered 103. $150 SOLD

Another outstanding badge by the REC, this time by the 1st Escadron. Heavily marked on the back by maker AIXIA and “NOEL 92” “CAMBODGE” and number 275. $150 SOLD


Below are Legion badges from the early 1980’s during deployment to Lebanon. Some were locally made, others by noted badge makers.

SZ 150 Section Antichar de la Compagnie d’Eclairage et d’Appui du 2 REI. Locally made in Lebanon. $50

SZ  277 3rd Escadron du 1 REC (type II). Made by Arthus Bertrand. Only 150 made and numbered, this is no. 133. $375.

SZ 151 Section e’Clairage-Renseignement de la Compagnie d’Eclairage et d’Appui du 2 REI. Locally made in Lebanon. $50


Legion units have deployed across the globe as part of numerous international operations, often in conjunction with other units. Find below a selection of insignia

By F.I.A., insignia is marked on back BATINF 2 – SARAJEVO Fevrier 1995 and is numbered 0967. $30 SOLD

6 REG as part of Operation Salam II in Pakistan dealing with Afghan refugees in the 1990s By J. Balme Saumer. $25 SOLD

Perhaps one of the most attractive of Legion badges made by AIXIA in silver for the 1 Escadron/1 REC for operations in the Central African Republic during Operation Barracuda. Marked on back Noel 1991 and numbered CCXV. Comes with AIXIA red issue box. $300

Another outstanding badge by AIXIA.

3rd Company/2 REI Operation Baumier in Zaire 1991. Marked on back Noel 1991 and numbered 201 of 400 made. Comes with issue box.  $100

3rd Escadron/1 REC for operations in Central Africa 1990 as part of EFAO (Element Francaise d’Assistance Operationelle) by Arthus Bertrand. Marked on back CAMERONE 1990 and numbered 187. $110


Please find below badges for the Foreign Legion detachment on the island Mayotte (DLEM) near Madagascar. The detachment of only several hundred troops is to maintain a French presence in the region. I also have added the insignia for the Legion detachment in the Comores (DLEC) which is where the unit was stationed prior to moving to Mayotte in the mid-1970s

SZ 112: The main unit badge for the Mayotte Legion unit, established in 1976. By J. Balme the badge has the wrong homologation number of G2433 (it should be G2488) but does not distract from the badge. $20

SZ 112: Mayotte badge in silver by J. Balme. $70

1 R.E.C. 1 Escadron by J. Balme. Beautiful badge with the R.E.C. insignia inset denoting a deployment to Mayotte. 500 badges were made (not numbered) in 1989. $50

1 R.E.C. 4 Escadron. As above but the 4th escadron of the 1 R.E.C. 300 numbered badges made in 1990. This is badge no. 217. $80

E.C.S. unit of the D.L.E.M. by J.Y.S. 1992. Badge was issued after the Szecsko book was published.

Lovely colorful insignia depicting Mayotte surrounded by the ocean. $60.

SZ 113: Detachment de Legioon Etrangere des Comores by Drago. Establlished in the mid-1960s the unit transferred to Mayotte a decade later. The insignia has the wrong homologation of G2488 (which is for the DLEM insignia) but does not detract from the badge. $20


Below are insignia of Foreign Legion units that participated in the first Gulf War (1990/1991), Operation Daguet, to liberate Kuwait


4th Escadron, 1 REC, badge with small border. $60

Operation Daguet badge by J. Balme for the 2 REI. Badge is in silver,  by J. Balme. Marked on back “Argent Massif” for the 2 REI, number 0158 (only 1,500 issued) $65

Operation Daguet, 1 REC, ECS by FIA. Number 397. $50

4th Escadron, 1 REC, but with wide border, number 109. $70

3rd Escadron, 1 REC. On Reverse marked Hafar al Batin Arabie Saoudite, by Arthus Bertrand, number 189. $100

Peleton Leclerc of the REC by Arthus Bertrand, Paris. number 126. $80

Peloton Transport by Beraudy. $50

3rd Escadron, 1 REC. Marked on back As Salman-Irak, by Arthus Bertrand, number 167. $100


Garde Frontaliere de l'Est Tokinois, by Drago, depose. A beautiful badge. $100.
1 REC Compagnie de Base Bouar. $150