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My name is Mike Sullivan and for many years I have collected militaria with a special interest in the French Foreign Legion, particularly the Legion’s badges which reflect the history, glory and traditions of this elite unit.

On my site you will find insignia from the common to the very rare for sale to help you either start a collection or find a rare, special item.

The insignia come from my personal collection acquired over many years.


The best way to reach me is via e-mail at mike@legionantiques.com with any  requests as it may take some time to catalog and photograph all my insignia and other items.

Please be specific re Legion insignia.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

Do not add any attachments to your e-mail as they will not be opened.

Do not hesitate to contact me for rare insignia which may not be listed. I do have available some very rare Legion badges.

Updates now include better, detailed photos. Please contact me for additional pics of any items. Note: photos are not to scale.

The main reference book I use is “Le Grande Livre des Insignes de la Legion Etrangere,” 1991, by Tibor Szecsko (thus the SZ reference). This was published in limited quantities by the Legion and is perhaps the best reference book for badges up to that time.

Also you may use Philippe Bartlett’s “Badges of the French Foreign Legion 1923-1989.”

Please check for regular updates

6 May 2022

I apologize for not updating the site for some time. However, I will be updating in the next few weeks. But please contact me re any Legion insignia. Thanks in advance. Mike

10 October 2021

I now can take payment via  PayPal so please contact me about using this option. Thanks, Mike

 for 4 October 2021

Work continues slowly on the site with new pages. Please don’t hesitate to contact me re specific badge interests. Thanks in advance, Mike

25 August 2021

In building the new website Yahoo Small Business did notinclude the Legion Genie (engineer) insignia page. Please contact me re any genie/engineer insignia until I am able to rebuild the page.

Thanks for your patience

20 July 2021

After much delay, welcome to the newly designed Legion Antiques website. As there are still a number of bugs to work out please contact me about ordering to ensure the item is in stock. I look forward to hearing from lovers of the Legion.

Some pages have been reorganized so please bear with me while things are sorted out.

20 March 2021

Vintage inter-war NCO  kepi added to headgear page. A great looker. 

New page: GERMAN CUTLERY for some WW II-era items used by the German soldiers, sailors, airmen during the war. 

Travelling with U.S. military forces during the first Gulf War as a CBS Radio reporter. Somewhere on the outskirts of Kuwait City.

20 March 2021
New items added to the African Art page.

6 February 2021
New page Foreign Ops/Chad

5 December 2020
Most Legion books on sale with a 25% discount!
More detailed photos/prices on Rhodesia pager.

26 October 2020
New RHODESIA page added
Posters, pamphlets, etc from the bush war era

3 Sept. 2020
Extremely rare Legion Indochina insignia added to premier page